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New Beers in the Shop!

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New Beers Stocked at Symposium 







New beers include: Cloudwater Brew Co, Brixton Brewery, BeaverTown, Gun Brewery and Partizan.

Cloudwater Brew Co: “At the heart of Cloudwater Brew Co. is a deep love for the changing seasons, each bringing with it an invitation to enjoy the scarcity and abundance the natural world offers”

Brixton Brewery “is one of London’s established craft breweries, making beer in the heart of one of London’s most colourful and famous neighbourhoods”

BeaverTown: “We are driven by our passion for innovation and quality. We are dedicated to brewing beers that create an experience and crave big flavours and character in every brew”

Gun Brewery: “We are a Sussex based brewery, brewing a range of modern beers into cask, keg and can. All our beers are made with our own spring water, most are are vegan friendly and some are gluten free”

Partizan: “We are a micro-brewery based in South Bermondsey where we have been making modern, interesting and ever changing beer since 2012”

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